The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine February, 2016 - Page 6

year after joining Simon & Schuster, Dr. Che was contacted by his editor informing him that a big publisher in China was interested in buying the foreign rights to his book. His book would be translated into Chinese and released in China. Readers in China will have the ?missing? information they need to fully activate the Law of Attraction! Although China had Confucius, his writings dealt primarily with individual morality and ethics, and the proper exercise of political power by the rulers. It was repressed during the era of Mao. Fortunately, David is bringing back a positive message of inspiration and the importance of taking charge of their personal responsibility for all things created in their environment. With Dr. Che, the world is one step closer to the Golden age of Enlightment. While Dr. David Che goes into detail in his book on how to effectively use the Law of Attraction, one key secret is that you set your mind on something and then let go of it in order to attract it. It seems contradicting at first, and the book "The Secret "never delves into this important key even though it is a secret the ancients used when they were making the effort to manifest something into reality. Every person has the ability to attract what they want using the Law of Attraction, but it requires having the right information and the proper instructions on how to apply it. Many around the world have discovered that the Total Law of Attraction Book delivers the necessary components to make the application easier to use. That is why his book is now being talked about in China! Dr. David Che has been a frequent guest on my show, Law of Attraction Talk Radio with Jewels and was a keynote speaker at the Jack Canf iel d and Friends Event in 2014 in Long Beach, CA. The audience was so impressed by Dr. Che, that they wouldn't let him leave with their many questions as Howard Martin of Heartmath and I both waited on the Queen Mary at the restaurant! Dr. Che has a successful dental practice in Cocoa Beach, Florida. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling with his wife Vicky. On behalf of all Law of Attraction practitioners, we congratulate David Che on his spectacular manifestation! Please visit his website at Tot al Lawof At t ract Page 6 - February, 2016