The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine February, 2016 - Page 59

resorts to name calling, making up labels of any kind, or uttering cutting remarks under one?s breath; that is abusive. Using denial is when the abuser tells the victim something which denies reality, such as saying, ?I never said that?-- when in fact they did. Threats can Understanding the various destructive behaviors can help identify whether verbal abuse is occurring in your be subtle or overt, and involve saying things which manipulate a victim by causing them to be afraid or relationship and enable you to realize that it is time to controlled. Abusive anger can be exhibited through take action. Here is a list of what to watch for: yelling and throwing things, withdrawing, or refusing When the abuser doesn?t share his or her feelings, to tell someone why they are angry. An abuser may thoughts, ideas, hopes and dreams, or only shares use control by treating their victim like a child or as limited, necessary information. This is known as an extension of themself. Abuse is seen in the withholding. It?s also a clear controlling of finances and access to indicator that the abuser is money, and in the limitation of how a not hearing and victim spends money. Abusers are understanding the victim?s unable to show compassion and feelings. Countering is when empathy towards their victims. the abuser refuses to Withholding permission to make acknowledge the victim?s decisions or to leave the premises is viewpoint or ideas, while a form of abusive. It is abusive when constantly arguing against it, a person repeatedly crosses