The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine February, 2016 - Page 57

another person to complete us, that without a partner we are somehow incomplete and that love is for the young and attractive. So every second that goes by takes us a little closer to old age and guaranteed wrinkly loneliness. Sound familiar? The truth is that finding love has nothing to do with our number of wrinkles. If that were the case, all Hay House Aut hor Mel ody Fl et cher empowers her readers to change their lives by reminding them that they are WAY more powerful than they've been led to believe, and that they do, indeed, create (and receive!) their own reality. Melody believes that pretty much everything most people have been taught about the world is bullshit, and she's not afraid to say so! She connects to her higher self to bring through wisdom that will help you shift old patterns and finally understand the missing pieces to the puzzle of why you keep getting in your own way. Originally from the US, she has dual-citizenship in America and Germany - which she likes to think makes her kind of like a super-organized cheerleader. young people would be in love and oldies would never find it. And that's just not true, is it? Finding love, just like everything else, has everything to do with your vibration. And really, you shouldn't try to find love. Let it find you. Focus on living your life with passion, on having as much fun as you can, and refine what it is that you really want in a partner by paying attention to what you like about the current men in your life. Don't settle for something less than you deserve out of fear. Relax and enjoy being single. There's nothing wrong with it. Get to the point where you're having so much fun that you don't even notice that you're single anymore. When you're at that point, you'll be vibrating "I'm happy, I'm whole, I'm complete", the Universe won't be able to help but bring you more and more situations that make you feel that way. That's when the guy you truly want will show up. That's when you will let your vibrational match in. Copyright(c) 2010. Melody Fletcher. All Rights Reserved. Visit for articles and information on the Law of Attraction and sign up to receive the free e-book and audio "Del iberat e Receiving - How t he Law of At t ract ion real l y works". Page 57 - February, 2016