The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine February, 2016 - Page 47

opinion it makes no sense, to assign terms such as information or resonance to either the physical world or the spiritual consciousness or to separate physical effects from spiritual effects. Quantum physicist David Bohm, a student and friend of Albert Einstein, made similar claims. His summary: "The resul t s of modern nat ural sciences onl y make sense if we assume an inner, unif orm, t ranscendent real it y t hat is based on al l ext ernal dat a and f act s. The very dept h of human consciousness is one of t hem." Nuclear physicist and molecular biologist Jeremy Hayward of Cambridge University makes no secret of his convictions either: "Many scient ist s who are st il l part of t he scient if ic mainst ream are no l onger af raid t o openl y st at e t hat consciousness / awareness coul d, in addit ion t o space, t ime, mat t er and energy, be a f undament al el ement of t he worl d - perhaps even more f undament al t han space and t ime. It may be a mist ake t o ban t he spirit f rom nat ure." It is even questioned as to whether matter should be considered a fundamental element of the universe. Source: Rolf Froboese: "The Secret Physics of Coincidence. Quantum phenomena and fate - Can quantum physics explain paranormal phenomena?" Publisher BoD, 2013, 112 p ages. And as posted by Huffpost Lifestyle, January 19, 2016 written by Rolf-Froboese Page 47 - February, 2016