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f eel ings show propert ies t hat coul d be ref erred t o as spirit ual propert ies...No direct int eract ion wit h t he known f undament al f orces of nat ural science, such as gravit at ion, "What we consider el ect romagnet ic f orces, et c. can be det ect ed t he here and now, in t he spirit ual . On t he ot her hand, however, t his worl d, it is t hese spirit ual propert ies correspond exact l y act ual l y just t he t o t he charact erist ics t hat dist inguish t he mat erial l evel t hat ext remel y puzzl ing and wondrous is comprehen sibl e. phenomena in t he quant um worl d. Quant um The beyond is an worl d, in t his case, ref ers t o t hat real m of our inf init e real it y t hat worl d t hat is not yet f act ual ; in ot her words, is much bigger t he real m of possibil it y, t he real m of which t his worl d is uncert aint y, where we do "know what ,"but root ed in. In t his way, our l ives in t his pl ane of do not exact l y "know when or how." Based exist ence are encompassed, surrounded, by t he on t he cont ext of t radit ional physics, it can, af t erworl d al ready. When pl anning I imagine t hat I out of necessit y, be concl uded t hat t his have writ t en my exist ence in t his worl d on a sort real m must act ual l y exist ." of hard drive on t he t angibl e (t he brain), t hat I American physicist John Archibald Wheeler have al so t ransf erred t his dat a ont o t he spirit ual hits a similar nerve, "Many scient ist s quant um f iel d, t hen I coul d say t hat when I die, I hoped...t hat t he worl d, in a cert ain sense, do not l ose t his inf ormat ion, t his consciousness. was t radit ional - or at l east f ree of curiosit ies The body dies but t he spirit ual quant um f iel d such as l arge object s being in t he same pl ace cont inues. In t his way, I am immort al ." at t he same t ime. But such hopes were Dr. Christian Hellweg is also convinced the spirit crushed by a series of new experiment s." has a quantum state. Following his studies in There are now university research teams physics and medicine, he researched brain function examining the interaction between at the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical consciousness and material. One of the Chemistry in Göttingen for leading researchers in many years. He was able to this field is physicist show that information in Professor Robert Jahn of the central nervous system Princeton University in can be phase encoded. In New Jersey. He recent years, he has concludes that if effects dedicated himself to and information can be studying the body-soul exchanged in both issue and researching directions between the phantom perceptions and human consciousness hallucinations. He is and the physical especially interested in environment, then one tinnitus, a phantom must also assume a perception in the sense of resonance or "molecular hearing. He has also binding potential" for the consciousness as specialized in the therapy thereof. He summarizes well. In summary: according to this theory, his thesis as follows: one would have to award the consciousness "Our t hought s, our wil l , our consciousness and our the known quantum properties as well. In his again based on purely physical considerations - in an existence after death. He explains this as follows in an interview he gave: Page 46 - February, 2016