The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine February, 2016 - Page 42

The Teachings of Joshua New Years Resol ut ions, Goal s and Int ent ions We prefer the word intention to goal. If you take a look at what you?re doing when you set goals, it?s more about the accumulation of stuff or status. When you set intentions, they tend to be about feelings. A goal might be to become salesman of the year or make $200,000 this year, etc. An Intention might be to spend more time with loved ones, be happier, stay fit, enjoy more time in nature, etc. Intentions tend to be about enjoying and appreciating life, while goals tend to be about the man-made stuff of life. When you set an intention it?s to feel good. When you make a goal, it?s to look good. In this sense you might spend more time looking at what you really want. Why do you want money, achievement or success? It?s because you think that it will make you feel better. Why not simply intend to feel better? Wouldn?t this accomplish the same thing? We see that you are working to feel better in each moment. You know that this is a feeling reality and all you are ever doing is feeling. Since you understand this most basic and Page 42 - February, 2016 primary aspect of physical reality, you know that your only goal is to feel good. If you made a lot of money or won some accolades, you would feel good for a time. However, unless you are constantly intending to feel good in every moment, unless you make it a priority to feel good more and more of the time, your good- feeling moments will be fleeting. Most people think that when they do something and feel good as a result, that the good feeling will last. It doesn?t work this way, does it? As soon as the good feeling of an achievement subsides, the person reverts back to their baseline feeling. You must work on raising your baseline, not on achieving your goals. This is the mundane work of appreciation and gratitude. This must become your habit. Setting intentions to feel good on a moment by moment basis is all the work you?ll ever have to do. It also has universal implications. As you begin to feel better and better, your world will reflect your new found feelings. Your better feelings will create a