The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine February, 2016 - Page 40

Stepping I nto M y Jim m y Choos By L O A Coach Cassie Parks Last week after going to see a place at the Four Seasons, I went to the buy a dress for the Red Carpet book launch that happened on Tuesday. I?m not a person who really loves shopping so I set my intentions that I would find my dress quickly and easily. I think I even said it was going to be the first one I picked out. Letting intuition lead the way I parked in a different place than I normally do, which was right next the Nordstrom?s entrance. Cool, shopping mojo engaged! I walked in, found my way to the dresses and within minutes I had two headed back to the dressing room. The sales girls stopped me and added two more, once I told them I was looking for a dress for my red carpet launch. There was pretty much no drama in the dressing room, which is becoming the norm. I did in fact end up buying the first dress I had picked up. While modeling it one of the sales associates asked what shoes I was going to wear with it. To which I responded, ?I?m going to go downstairs and pick something out.? As I went around the corner toward the shoe department my eyes saw purple and immediately headed Page 40 - February, 2016 over. There was a cool pair of purple suede pumps. They seemed a little to funky, but I was going to try them on. Even their clearance price tag read $97, which is usually much more than I spend on shoes. Honestly, I?ve just never been that into shoes. The guy with the magic microphone called out for someone to come get the shoe I wanted. While I was waiting something inside took over and started pulling me toward the other side of the isle. Before I knew it, I was in front of the most gorgeous pair of shoes I have ever seen. Then I looked down and saw the name inside? Jimmy Choo. I might not be much of a shoe person, but I knew enough to prepare myself for the possible heart attack when I looked at the price. I tried to walk away, but I couldn?t. I did what I would tell you to do if you?re stepping into a more abundance version of yourself (which I am always doing) and I decided that I had to try them on so that I would know what it feels like to have such an