The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine February, 2016 - Page 39

based on the proverbial term of "LACK." Situations such as these are telling you that you do not trust the process of life to always bring you what you need. What about diarrhea? Very simply, it represents the fear of life. The feelings of being rejected. The need to run and hide from the world almost to the point of isolation. side of the forefinger?s nail. By stimulating this point you allow the energy to wake up and flow smoothly releasing those reoccurring thought patterns without even thinking about them. You start off by asking yourself ?What emotion or reoccurring thought pattern is causing this discomfort?? As you All these symptoms are representative of issues as tap, you simply have the desire to finally to what is going on in the mind. Once your realize release not only this emotion that is currently what it is all about, you have the knowledge in creating havoc in the colon, it will release all which to easily release the issue. You may not those emotions that have kept you stuck from know or remember the actual or creating your dreams. orginial occurance AND Say to yourself, ?I am now truthfully, you don?t need to free of these emotional know. Just by acknowledging blocks that have kept me that there is a block that is from moving forward. I am keeping you stuck is good now trusting that my life is enough to start the wheels magical and fulfilling my all moving forward, especially in my desires for my highest the colon. good." You can make up any The healthy energy of your colon sentence, but it is highly meridian enables you to release recommended that you use the negative patterns of the I AM Affirmations that the thinking, destructive emotions mind really resonates with. and spiritual blockades that have By repeating these stateactually stopped you from ments and at the same time creating our dreams. By working on those tapping the point on the colon meridian you not meridians, paying attention to your body and only help the colon, you actually rid yourself of searching for communication with a certain the mental conditions responsible for our acupuncture point, you change the reality in your discomfort to begin with. outer life. The meridian language is a special magical Generally, all diseases appear because of some language which helps us activate the potentials connected condition of the emotions which are of our Higher Self. Take note how fast you will never set free and where a person holds too much find yourself not only relieved of the negativity. Changes and transformations come discomfort, you will notice that your mind is far because of the readiness and willingness to release more open to new and exciting things flowing to what doesn?t serve us anymore. you. The exercise of pat t ing t he point on t he col on You have now open up past blockages. Be meridian ?LI-1 (l arge int est ine 1): prepare to now allow all the good in life to flow The initial contact point on the colon meridian is to you! the point on your forefinger which is on the outer Jewel s Johnson is Edit or-in-Chief Page 39 - February, 2016