The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine February, 2016 - Page 38

Law of At t r act i on Ti p Easy Rel ease of Li m i t i n g Bel i ef s By Jew el s Joh n son The very basic principl es of ef f ect ivel y using t he Law of At t ract ion are: 1. Take responsibil it y f or your t hought s, words and act ions, f or t his is what creat es your l if e. 2. Rel ease t hose l imit ing bel ief s and t hought pat t erns t hat keep you f rom moving f orward. 3. Shif t yoursel f t o a bet t er f eel ing pl ace in which t o creat e f rom. HOW IN THE HECK DO YOU DO THAT? It's actually much easier than anyone ever imagined by simply tapping on just one meridian point. This works similar to EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) but you only have one tapping point that is affectionately called the "Colon Meridian." As Louise Hay describes it, the colon represents our ability to let go, to release that which you no longer need. Yet, you rarely know what it is that you no longer need! The colon is the first place to give us a hint as to where you are stuck mentally. Your body is a wonderful indicator of what is going on with us mentally and emotionally. When you are constipated, it simply means that you are having trouble releasing the past or old ideas. Sometimes it even has to do with holding on to money or prosperity... better known as stinginess... in which you feel that there will never be enough. Or perhaps you tend to hang on to old relationships that can be toxic and difficult to release. Many people who are considered to be "hoarders" have constipation on a regular basis because they are unable to let anything go for fear that they may need it later. This is Page 38 - February, 2016