The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine February, 2016 - Page 37

demonstrate that we are love, because love is the core Access what you now are by releasing your of who we are. It is through our Oneness and our desire doubts and ask the Universe for this - it will be done. Begin to manifest what you desire. As more for humanity to experience love, joy, unity, people do this, it will create frequency wave understanding and freedom that we can break our after frequency wave of change, which cannot be endless cycle of repeating mistakes. I know we each have a great capacity to discuss our topics of concern, stopped. Being One is all about you, creating from you, and making what you already have but we will need to work together to change humanity's direction. I believe it is important for each real. Being One and gifting love, joy, unity, understanding and freedom to others, will of us to understand how and why our actions or bestow them upon me as well. And for this, I inactions affect those individuals around us and thank you. humanity. We must endeavor to be more perceptive, responsive and conscious concerning our behaviors and their effects. As we are all One, we have the ability to create consciously and intentionally. We can manifest our desires, or we can continue to create unconsciously and continue to be disappointed with the results. We must each step outside our self-created box of illusions to make ourselves who we want to be. One of my aims in life is to highlight some of society's most harmful behaviors. Ultimately, I believe our giving of love, joy, unity, understanding and freedom to others will free us as individuals and benefit all of humanity. It is only through our gift of these core drivers to others that we receive them back into our lives. This is at the heart of being your Sovereign Sel f . This is at the heart of joy and freedom for each of us and humanity as well. While this is not the only way to peace and harmony, it is a path that will always work. Nevertheless, no matter what I have written here, you must understand it is based upon my experience, my learning and my personal opinions. These are my beliefs. All I can do is ask you to give them some consideration and determine if you agree or not. I believe when each of us brings into our reality these Mart in Neil Campbel l is a core drivers, the effect will change humanity. As grand Business Executive, Author and Radio Personality on as that sounds, it cannot be done without you. However, you are not an island and you are not alone. the Sovereign Sel f Radio Show. Listen to his This is how Oneness works to our advantage. Bring into show at and visit his reality what you are; love, joy, unity, understand- ing Facebook Page at https:/ / SovereignSelf/ and freedom, and you will be One with all that is. Page 37 - February, 2016