The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine February, 2016 - Page 35

penalty if I didn?t. I?m almost embarrassed to tell you about surrendering to the Universe on the my reward/ penalty because it involves ice cream and checklist and then? just cruise away. political-junky TV so let?s just say I?m very diligent about keeping up my checklist. For the first two weeks I did have to endure the penalty because my twice-a-day meditations didn?t happen five days those weeks. So, I decided to go easier on myself and changed it to meditating at least four days a week. Funny thing is, since I changed it to four days, I?ve been meditating twice a day seven days a week. And since ?entertainment politics? no longer amuses me, I drasti- cally curtailed TV. But promptings are coming to me now so I?m writing them down. Amazing how it all works! If you?d like to put yourself on Cruise Control in this new year, try this method and feel the freedom. Send me an email and I?ll reply with a Word doc of my checklist so you don?t have to make one up from scratch. You can put your own goals and affirmations Ellen Wood of Taos, NM, is a humorous inspirational speaker who shares techniques to rejuvenate your life and ?Live Happy.? She is also the award-winning author of ?Think and Grow Young: Powerful Steps to Create a Life of Joy.? Her website is Contact her at Page 35 - February, 2016