The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine February, 2016 - Page 34

St i ck y Notes an d ch eck l i st : Tool s f or t h e Best YOU i n 2016 I was driving home from Albuquerque a couple months ago and realized how grateful I was to have cruise control on my car (no heated seats though ? bummer!) Driving is so much easier when I don?t have to control the gas pedal on long rides ? I just let the car do that for me. And then I got to wondering about the mystery of life and how unexpected difficulties happen. Unexpected fabulous things happen too, but we handle them just fine with a smile on our face and thrill in our heart. What if we could approach all the events of our life with that joy? Imagine sailing along on Cruise Control, being present and doing what needs to be done ? but not worrying about anything ? trusting the Universe (you can substitute the word God or Life for the Universe) to handle the whole shebang while we cruise along enjoying the fun and adventure of living. Sounds like a good idea, but is it realistic? It might work for a day or maybe only a few hours, or minutes, but then something out of the blue hits us and we get mired in the muck and ditch the Cruise Control. Yep, we get to thinking that we can do a better job when we control the gas and brakes, and we end up jerking along through rough roads. Page 34 - February, 2016 I?ve been doing that recently even though I know that stress is the number one aging factor. So, to start turning over some of that control and stay consistently aware of my current state of being, I created some affirmations and put them on sticky notes around the house. When I see the affirmations I remember to move my focus to Cruise Control and I watch for signs that it?s happening. A couple of the sticky notes say: I am on Cruise Cont rol . I l et t he Universe drive and I enjoy t he ride. I wat ch t hought s go by and I l ist en f or prompt ings f rom t he Universe. Then I designed a weekly checklist, with a column for each day, listing the affirmations I want to say and ponder every day. I also added a few more goals: Medit at e at l east 15 minut es t wice a day, 5 days a week. Work on my new book f or at l east 6 hours a week. Work on l ining up speaking gigs at l east 1 hour a week. No TV bef ore reading at l east 30 minut es of inspirat ional mat erial . But how do I keep myself motivated to accomplish these goals? I decided I needed a reward if I did all of them for the week and a