The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine February, 2016 - Page 32

would let one man in the pair keep his hair long, and gave the other man a military haircut. Then the two men retook the tests. Time after time the man with long hair kept making high scores. Also, time after time, the man with the short hair failed the tests in which he had previously scored high scores. Yogi Bhajan explained that if you choose to cut your hair, you not only lose this extra energy and nourishment, but your body must then provide a great amount of vital energy and nutrients to continually re-grow the missing hair. In addition, hairs are the antennas that gather and channel the sun energy or prana to the frontal lobes, the part of the brain you use for meditation and visualization. These antennas act as conduits to They performed tests of a recruit sleeping bring you greater quantities of subtle, cosmic out in the woods. An armed ?enemy? energy. It t akes approximat el y approaches the sleeping t hree years f rom t he l ast t ime man. The long haired man ?When the hair on your head is your hair was cut f or new is awakened out of his allowed to attain its full, mature ant ennas t o f orm at t he t ips of sleep by a strong sense of length, then phosphorous, t he hair. danger and gets away calcium, and vitamin D are all long before the enemy is produced, and enter the lymphatic The mammalian body has close, long before any evolved over millions of years. fluid, and eventually the spinal sounds from the fluid through the two ducts on the Survival skills of human and approaching enemy are top of the brain. This ionic change animal at times seem almost audible. supernatural. creates more efficient memory and leads to greater physical In another version of a Each part of the body has energy, improved stamina, and performed test, the long highly sensitive work to patience.? haired man senses an perform for the survival and approach and somehow well being of the body as a intuits that the enemy will perform a whol R