The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine February, 2016 - Page 3

Table of Contents Meet t he Man who is t aking t he Law of At t ract ion t o China - Dr. David Che 4 Time To At t ract Body Conf idence Your Way By LOA Coach St ephanie Woods, PCC 8 LOVE and t he Law of At t ract ion By Mel ody Fl et cher Feng Shui Tips f or 2016 Mast er Feng Shui Expert , Marie Diamond 12 Recognizing Verbal Abuse By By Hol l y E. Messick Must READ Books Jewel s Johnson 18 Most Recommended LOA Coaches Jewel s Johnson 19 Essent ial Oil s f or Brain Heal t h 20 10 Amazing Foods t hat Bring Heal t h 22 February & March Ast rol ogy Forecast By Int ernat ional Ast rol oger Manish Kamur Arora 24 Your Focal Point f or 2016 By Luca Ocel l i 26 Time t o Ret hink Short Hair -The Power of Hair By Jewel s Johnson 30 St icky Not es & Check List f or a Bet t er 2016 El l en Wood 34 Our Core Drivers By Mart in Neil Campbel l 36 Rel ease t he Past by Tapping on t his Point Jewel s Johnson 38 St epping Int o My Jimmy Choos 40 The Vibrat ion of Love Never Dies 51 By Arnol d Fine 55 58 Wel come t o t he February 2016 Issue! We have been getting some rave reviews and I'm thrilled you are enjoying this magazine. 2016 promises to be a very exciting year in which to fully energize your intentions. Because this is a 9 year, it represents the endings of some things that were not working and it could mean that it is ending some of those frustrations and worries that have kept you living in the past. Things that have keep you stuck or isolated are now correcting themselves. Businesses that were needing 24/ 7 attention are now flowing well by themselves. Now is the year that we can take a deep breath and know that things are now maturing into what we have been waiting for. Until next issue.... LOVE Jewel s Johnson, Edit or-in-Chief Coach Cassie Parks New Years Resol ut ions, Goal s & Int ent ions The Teachings of Joshua By Gary Templ e Bodl ey 42 Th e Sci en ce Beh i n d Law of At t r act i on M agazi n e Jew el s Joh n son , Edi t or -I n -Ch i ef Scient ist s Hint s at t he Immort al it y of t he Soul By Rol f - Froboese 45 6 Dail y Grat it ude Habit s f or Abundance Jack Canf iel d 48 Ri t a Hu r r y, VP of Adver t i si n g Pam Som m er s - Ad Ex ec St even Li k i ar dopou l os, For Questions or Comments, please feel free to contact us at: Page 3 - February, 2016