The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine February, 2016 - Page 27

infinite source of power. We are always connected to an inexhaustible source of energy which allows us to be stronger in which to align ourselves to with this power. But we must intentionally become aware of this to be in alignment. Sitting in formal meditation can be extremely useful but we can be just as present even without being still. Life itself can be lived in a meditative state when we experience our high level of presence as if we are sitting down practicing meditation or yoga. Yoga means union. Why would we want to be united with our higher self only while sitting down on a meditation mat? If we think about it, we would be only living half of our potential because the ultimate reality is that we are ONE with our higher spiritual self. Every time we tell ourselves that we are now connecting with our higher self during yoga, we are really declaring that most of the time we are disconnected which is an untruth. It is an unconscious belief that prevents us from experiencing the wholeness of who we really are on a consistent basis. This restricts us to when we only do certain rituals/ practices. Please do not get me wrong, rituals and practices can be wonderful along with meditating and visualization. Although these practices are extremely useful, they can be practiced as part of everything else we do. It i s n o t so i m p o r t an t as t o w h at w e d o , b ecau se t h e d et er m i n i n g f act o r i s ab o u t t h e co n sci o u sn ess, t h e aw ar en ess t h at g i v es p o w er t o w h at ev er w e do. I invite you to consider LIFE as your meditation mat or your temple where your Focal Point of the experience is lived at each present moment as possible. It is here where we can connect to our higher self and vibrate at a frequency which is conditioning the space we are in so that everyone sharing our space will benefit from our state of being. This is very import ant . It is also well known now that the energy space we share is not really empty. In fact, the Energy Field, vibrations and frequencies exchange and merge. To constantly be present, I believe, is one of the major differences between what we call a Mystic or a Master. A Mystic is almost constantly in a meditative state, because of the amount of connection which is way above the "norm". Since we are all interconnected energetically at times, we may actually influence others (without realizing it) to raise their energy field to meet ours simply by our connection through our meditative state. When we consider life to have constant opportunities to meditate, it will increase our amount of presence to allow many other things happen as if by magic. One of the very obvious opportunity is that everything tends to slow down, even if in reality we may be moving quickly. We still allow ourselves to perceive the exterior reality and thinking process as if it is happening at a slower pace. Our reactions are then of a different quality and may be a bit delayed which in turn may affect our actions as well to slow down a bit. Page 27 - February, 2016