The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine February, 2016 - Page 22

10 Amazi ng Foods t hat Bri ng Benef i t s Hippocrates said, ?Let f ood be t hy medicine, and t hy medicine be t hy f ood.? And it just so happens that many natural whole foods closely resemble the organs and body parts they?re good for! What we eat is largely ignored as the culprit of disease or the catalyst to health and longevity. Here are foods that Mother Nature grew Just for our benefit! Cl ams, Fol ic Acid increase Semen Level s in Test ical s Wal nut s are GREAT f or Brain Power! Tomatoes, lycopene, reduce Heart Disease Grapef ruit cont ains l imonoids which inhibit breast cancer Red Wine, Resverat rol - good for blood thinning Ginger has ant inausea ef f ect s f or t he St omach Sweet pot at oes, bet a-carot ene Avocado, Fol ic Acid and Carrot s decrease t he chance of macul ar degenerat ion of t he eye Reproduct ive Heal t h Page 22 - February, 2016 and Pancreas