The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine February, 2016 - Page 15

understood for more than 4000 years, how the environment is changing your energy of your thoughts, feelings and actions. We can direct the Chi Energy by facing a different direction when you are asleep or sitting facing a positive direction. To start with this process, you need to calculate your personal Energy Number. You can do this by using the Marie Diamond App on your I Phone or Android or in the Energy Number Book. When you know your Energy Number, you will know your Energy Archetype and you can then check out in the Energy Number Book of Marie Diamond ( The chapter dedicated to your Energy Number is where you can find: Your Soul Lessons for your Success; Health, Relationships and Wisdom; your optimal Professional choices that you will most likely attract; how to activate in your home and office your PERSONAL LAW OF ATTRACTION and the best outline for your Vision Board based on your Energy Number. Net working and romance in 2016 is located in the West area of your bedroom and living area. Place a lush green plant with round leaves to activate more results with marketing and more passion in your romantic life. Your vision board in 2016 is best located in your personal success direction or this year you can hang it best in the Southwest area of your office, living area or bedroom. For more than 20 years I have shared with students Living in more than 190 countries how to activate your Law of Attraction by using your environment. You can receive a special E-Book on the first steps when you sign up for my website. Here are some addit ional t ips f or t he upcoming year: The Cash Fl ow area in 2016 is located in the Southeast area of your office and living area. Place there a bubbling fountain or an image of a flowing river to activate your cash flow. Be sure you get your own Marie Diamond App by clicking her to go to iTunes or Googl ePl ay! Marie Diamond, Global Transformation Leader, Motivational Speaker, Author, Feng Shui Master, and world renown star in "The Secret" DVD and Book. Page 15 - February, 2016