The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine February, 2016 - Page 13

You wish the Universe to bring forward your requests, but these gifts need to show up in the outside world around you. The Universe starts acting faster if you start changing your outside world toward the changes you want to happen, the Universe starts acting faster! Fake it 'til you make it. Well, if you start showing the Universe what you want by faking it in your home, than you will be manifesting it faster than before. I remember I had an idea that I wanted to meet Leonardo Di Caprio one day. So I faked it by hanging his picture, taken from the Internet, on my vision board, that was placed in my personal Success Direction. Each time I walked in I said to his picture, just like I was meeting him in reality, "Hi, how are you doing?" client, she told the owner of the penthouse was the latest girlfriend of Leonardo di Caprio. I never told her my request to the universe; she started spontaneous talking about him. Well, at least I was already sleeping in the same building as him. The next day it was pouring rain, I waved for a taxi and a gentleman with a basket hat on stopped a taxi in the pouring rain and opened the door for me... He actually suggested we would both take the cab and I found out we were actually driving to the same street and even better, we were going to the same house number. I had a Feng Shui Consultation in that building and he had an audition. Yes, you guess right, it was Leonardo di Caprio. When I walk into a home or office, I see what exactly what you are attracting to yourself. Then I let the Universe do the magic. I received a call from New York to see a client that I didn't even know before I put the picture up. The next day, leaving the apartment of this client to go to another You have reflected exactly what you wish for. You just don't know it. If I can see what your life looks like, don't you think the Universe understands your message too? It will create Page 13 - February, 2016