The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine February, 2016 - Page 11

Isn't it time for us to change our views about our bodies, our inevitable increasing age and ourselves? Dove?s campaign captured real women with unique figures who enjoy their bodies. Real women in real bras and panties who are smiling, laughing, and enjoying the moment! Join us in appreciation of our real women shapes vs fantasy images presented to us by the media and advertising agencies! or mystics. It is our birthright! After recovering from the stunning statistics in the Dove? surveys, I worked with my clients to reunite them with their bodies. The outcome is a mutually beneficial partnership between the client and her body forever. The first step is to acknowledge the wisdom within each body we were born with. By accessing your body?s innate wisdom, you join the expanding 4% who?ve broken free Before this Aha! moment I from the barrage of had always assumed that all cultural imagery women respected, even if dictating what is they couldn?t ?love?, their Coach Stephanie Wood enjoys life with her cat ?beautiful?. Through bodies. I couldn?t be more and spiritual mentor Krueger. body wisdom, this wrong! My background in minority of women have dance trained me to always be aware of my gone past the limitations imposed by the body in order to perform. Awareness leads to media into everlasting body confidence. the respect she, my body, deserves and with respect comes love when we (she and I) are ?on Body Image Anxiet y Be Gone! the top of our game?. Even those off days, when we aren?t ?feeling? the love, our relationship remains solid in mutual respect. This state of being is not magic and no longer the property of dancers, professional athletes, Are you ready to push that single digit (4% ) into double digits and beyond? Join women of the world and bring back your Body Confidence! Coach St eph an i e Wood, I CF Cer t i f i ed Coach , PCC i s a Body & Bu si n ess Coach f or En t r epr en eu r i al M en an d Wom en , Au t h or Body Kn ow l edge Syst em ® , an Aw esom e I n t el l i gen ce pl aybook w h i ch h el ps you to stop str uggling with your body, to wa lk pr oud, a nd sha r e your ta lents with the wor ld. Pl ease v i si t : w w w.BodyAw Conta ct me: 1-866-76-COACH i n f o@bodyaw coach st eph an i ew ood@gm ai l .com Joi n m e on Facebook Page 11 - February, 2016