The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine December, 2017 - Page 9

BECOME AGAIN the energy that reveals as our very foundation, rather than simply continuing to work with it. We realize the Truth at the core of our being, that we are pure, creative energy and have the power to live from this place each and every day as a life of magnificence unfolds from within us. The Energy CodesĀ® teach the mind how to find the ?real us? deep within by learning to listen to the language of the Soul. So this December, as the energies of the year come to a close and another cycle completes, I encourage you to give yourself a new gift, a new perception of reality. Place all the triumphs, challenges, wins and losses from the previous years of your life onto an alter before you as gifts that have served you to evolve to this moment. Then, for the New Year, allow yourself to turn your attention to deep within your own body and feel the great blessing of your own Soulful gratitude as you open to a new perspective that will change your life forever: to BE the spirit in the body that now gets to live the life it came here to live. Perhaps this is your year to make The Quantum Flip! If you?re ready to dive into your magnificence, I Invite you to join us for The Energy Codes. Dr. Sue Morter is founder of Morter Institute for Bio-Energetics and Healing. She is currently writing a book about Energy Medicine that will be released in 2018. She teaches self-help coursework worldwide called,The Energy Codes: Principles and Practices for Embodying Your Essential Self.The Energy Codes unlock the neural patterns that have confined humanity to a world of externalized reference and survival, generating new circuitry for the internally empowered and evolutionary awakening that is occurring in humanity in an organized, codified manner. You can learn more at Page 9 - Dec. 2017