The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine December, 2017 - Page 8

When it comes to the power to create whatever we want, the Law of Attraction teaches it?s the vibrational frequencies of our thoughts and emotions that determine the external experiences and manifestations. When making The Quantum Flip, it?s even more empowering than raising your vibrational frequencies to match what you desire, or changing the energetic thought patterns in your mind. It?s shifting from learning how to manage and use your energy to achieve what you most desire to realizing you are that energy in the first place! It becomes about ?attracting? the Mind to realize that an amazing, abundant Creator lives right here, right now! When you make The Quantum Flip, you no longer tap into that creative energy, you become that energy and its eternal source of truth. With this realization, you engage in life with the power to dissolve the appearance of conflict, friction and strife, and instead, live from creativity, inner wisdom and your powerful authenticity. You step into an instant place of power by being the creative energy of manifestation. You expand your energy to be able to perceive ? or reveal - the gifts that are already there. Manifestations and creations become instantaneous because you become the natural flow of energy that exists in all the manifested world. We no longer view the world as filled with obstacles to overcome, rather, we use the outer world to guide our focused creativity. We begin to manifest ourselves and in response, our lives more freely and easily. The Energy CodesĀ® and How t o Expand Try as we may, we cannot think our way to the Essential Self. Instead, we have to use our mind in an entirely different manner to get us there. Using the breath, we link the mind more closely with the body for an experience of another kind. Mind, body, and breath (which is spirit in the body) united is an essential trio to bring us to the natural state of creator-ship. Eighteen years ago, I discovered this Truth in an enlightening experience during meditation, and have spent the years since finding a way to codify this ancient Truth into a system called, ?The Energy Codes? that helps people of all walks of life begin to experience the magnificence of who they truly are. Now, using The Energy Codes coursework, I help take individuals step by step through what is needed to make this radical shift in perspective. Using the principles of mindfulness, breath and embodiment, I teach individuals how to manage their flow of energy. Mindfulness brings one?s attention to internal and external experiences occurring in the present moment and trains the mind to focus internally on the Truth of the Essential Self. Being mindful of our experiences in the moments we?re experiencing them, allows for more energy circuits to flow in the body. When enough moments link up together, an environment is generated that allows our cellular structure to express with robust health and rejuvenation. The outcome is The Quantum Flip ? we Page 8 - Dec., 2017