The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine December, 2017 - Page 7

The mont h of December brings a time to honor the experiences of the past 12 months and take inventory of our lives as a whole. As you sit and reflect upon the many triumphs and challenges you?ve experienced, as well as the hopes and dreams that remain, if a quiet yearning for something more in your life remains, then perhaps it?s time to make The Quantum Flip, a total shift in perceptive that will change your life in an instant. The Quant um Fl ip In the quantum world, a quantum flip is an actual phenomenon that occurs when a particle moving in one direction instantaneously changes direction without the presence of external factors. It does so rapidly that it is actually seen as moving in two directions at the same time. Inside our human lives this instant change in direction occurs within the atoms in our body. On a larger scale, an instant change in our reality can occur when we choose to shift our perspection about the truth of who we really are. Whether you are aware of this truth or not, deep in the core of your being there is a version of you awaiting your permission to finally engage in a life fully lived. This truthful Being is your Essential Self, the ?you? who is the ultimate creator of your life experience and the one who was born to reveal Its magnificence in this world. Most of us live our lives hidden from the truth of our own perfection. We stay stuck in our mind, spending our days calculating how to move forward personally and professionally as we constantly seek both reassurance and stability from the world around us. Living this way, we miss the experience of absolute joy and perfection available to us in every moment. Living a life where Joy, Passion and Adventure prevail is our destiny, and can be ours the moment we experience The Quantum Flip and see our lives from this deeper and more expansive perspective. How do we make this Quantum Flip? It?s easier than you think. In fact, it?s easier than you can think! The moment you start thinking, you limit your full capacity to sense and feel a deeper truth within. When you relax, you can drop into your own body again, and it becomes automatic as you tap into the natural flow of energy running through your life.That energy is the real you. The Trut h of Your Creat orship Quantum Science shows us that everything in creation is energy ? including the bodies we live in and the thoughts we think. We are made of pure creative energy and the purpose of our lives is to discover our own magnificence as Creators. Page 7 - Dec, 2017