The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine December, 2017 - Page 56

us in order to birth with sound. You, as sound frequency-based beings, have effectively mastered the Law of Attraction, as it is based upon sound. It has been your human, material nature. However, you are not human and you have grown too comfortable with the Law of Attraction. This is why you feel direction-less, lost and disconnected from your Mastery within your life purpose. Your term for your ?purpose? has been ?abundance?. Please know that abundance is simply a natural consequence which is a result of mastery of purpose. It has little to do with the physical form you call ?money." Money is a material reward that comes as a result of mastery. Mastery is not accomplished within the Law of Attraction, but is the natural result of the applications of trust, flow, goodness, grace and eventually, oneness. At first, if you feel separate from Source, you attract, as Source feels a need to observe itself. But once resonance occurs through the applications of trust, flow and grace, these quantum frequencies will propel you quickly into resonance with all, which is the Law of Oneness. During this state of being, you will become enlightened to the knowledge that all is perfect. There is nothing to attract, (nothing is separate), but there is only to be in resonance with all, which is already perfect. Remember, Source isn?t sound (which attracts from the past), Source isn?t light (which resonates with a hope in the future); Source is the space that is in between all stories and beliefs. Source is the now. You are coming to the state when the attachment to ?attraction? evolves into a release, and then a divine realization of your own powerful potential- your resonance. You have until now created and manifested through a state of being or through a state of action. When you are in a state of being you often say, ?I am?. When you are in a state of action you say, ?I am mother, father, sister, brother, friend? (roles). It is difficult to get from one state to the other without realizing the state that IS. Source is that state, naturally, before creation occurs. This state is Oneness. You may call it ?stillness?. Source is stillness that already is, divine truth and reality that already is.In order to be in the moment of stillness, you must walk through the void of time, releasing all concepts that attach you to birth and death, and their hold on your reality. In the beginning, God SAID, ?Let there be Light?. This is when the concept of time began. "The Word" preceded the light, which caused Source to separate for expansion and learning. Source then observed itself as separate, for the beautiful purpose of Reunion. Thank you for participating in this beautiful space of forgetting and remembering. We Love You, The Elohim Pamela Aaralyn began seeing auras, visions, spiritual beings and energy structures at the early age of five. Since that time her world has been full of colors, shapes and beings that few others can see. She spent many years training with her grandfather, an active Native American shaman, learning indigenous wisdom and culture including plant medicine, soul retrievals, her identity within the spirit of all things, and her Presence as One with the Earth As detailed colors and structures became more evident around people, she learned to tune into more and more revealing information about their personalities, emotions, physical, mental and spiritual well being. As she tunes in to a client she commonly receives personal messages for them from their higher dimensional aspects and connected beings (spirit guides and angels). You may access her YouTube channel for these channelings or watch for notifications of her periodic live channeling sessions which you may attend online at no charge. Because of her ready access to such valuable personal information, Pamela was one of the first truly intuitive life coaches in the field at the young age of 23. With many years of ?front lines? experience, she is now a world-renowned mentor and teacher, receiving many offers to be a guest on prominent radio shows. She is an active, prolific teacher and happily gives free public access to many of these teachings via her YouTube channel and website ( This all-encompassing access to higher information has grown and developed into a successful and highly rewarding private practice of medical mediumship (also know as a medical intuitive readings). Pamela now mentors channels and mediums around the world. But even today, Pamela follows her heart, (as she teaches everyone), making sure that basic information enabling personal spiritual growth and self-help is available to everyone. Page 56- Dec, 2017