The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine December, 2017 - Page 55

Everything is connected. What we think, feel, speak, believe and act upon has a corresponding effect on the world around us. All beings and God (Source) are One. We are always connected to the divine force we call God because the energy and Presence of God is everywhere simultaneously and infinitely. The force we call Creation permeates through all living and material things. Everything is a fractal of Source. Everything that exists (seen and unseen) is interconnected and inseparable in a field of divine Oneness. This divine Oneness is all knowing; a matrix of infinite wisdom, pure consciousness or universal mind energy, also known as Life Force, Source or God. Increasing awareness of the Universal Law of Oneness will increase awareness of Source as your divine nature, the foundation of your interconnected being. It is important for the human race to start realizing this law, and utilizing it to connect with the human conscious collective. Your unique life purpose as creative expressions and ?sparks? of Source will then awaken. As you awaken from your spiritual slumber, you will realize that what you think, feel, speak and do will reflect a state of goodness towards all including yourself. Humanity calls this ?The Golden Rule?. Another simple term might be, ?Universal Goodness?. ?Goodness in all? is key to manifestation in the 6th dimensional and higher planes.As humanity thinks, feels and thereby acts according to the awareness of innate ?goodness? in others, they will in turn think, feel and act according to the good in themselves. As you gain a fuller understanding of this universal law, you will see how it can help attract the state of abundance in your life. You have called this process ?attraction? in consideration of the Law of Attraction. The Elohim call this ?Resonance.? The Law of Attraction isn?t relevant in sixth dimensional and other high planes of existence. The Law of Oneness, when humanity is ready, will manifest a faster, higher result based on goodness, which is the foundation of the highest frequency possible: grace. What if everything you thought, felt and did is already written and acted out perfectly according to the nature of ?Goodness?? You have called this ?contracts? or ?divine scripts?. What if no matter what cards life dealt to you, it would only be possible to see innate Goodness in all beings? According to what you have called, ?The Golden Rule," what you ?attract? would resonate only with goodness for you and all other beings. After all, Oneness is achieved when you resonate in such high frequencies of trust, goodness and grace. Many have asked us why that is. It is because these specific feeling signatures operate at a such a fast quantum pace, which thereby changes your laws of physics even, so that light is not slowed by being forced into the slower planes of dense, lower frequencies. In other words, your Law of Attraction works well within the slower frequencies of emotions such as fear. Grace, on the other hand, operates with the speed of light, which is much faster. There is no thinking, pondering and especially, there is no time to fear. This is what we call FLOW. Flow is the key to Oneness. Oneness is the state of being that is in between light and sound. This state is where Grace does it?s perfect work. Everything consists of, and exists as energy (light or sound). But you are not a thing, your subatomic particles are not fixed. In fact, particles are flowing into and out of you now from the sky, the floor, your best friend and your worst enemy. There is no separation. How would you behave if you knew that you were not separate from life, your friends, colleagues and every being that has ever existed? When you try on these frequencies (trust, allowance, flow and grace) for size in your practical life within the Law of Oneness, you will begin to resonate with less fear, conscious and unconscious. Fear is the most common block to both abundance and mastery. Source is ready to create through your own nature. This is why you projected or were ?born? into human form. Source did not create through sound until we, the angelics, were involved. Source created Page 55 - Dec, 2017