The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine December, 2017 - Page 51

A New Th eory of Consci ousness: Th e M i nd Ex i sts as a Fi el d Connected to th e Brai n By Tara M acI saac Betw een q uantum ph ysi cs and neurosci ence, a th eory emerges of a mental f i el d w e each h av e, ex i sti ng i n anoth er di mensi on and beh av i ng i n some w ays l i k e a bl ack h ol e The relationship between the mind and the brain is a mystery that is central to how we understand our very existence as sentient beings. Some say the mind is strictly a function of the brain ? consciousness is the product of firing neurons. But some strive to scientifically understand the existence of a mind independent of, or at least to some degree separate from, the brain. The peer-reviewed scientific journal NeuroQuantology brings together neuroscience and quantum physics? an interface that some scientists have used to explore this fundamental relationship between mind and brain. An article published in the September 2017 edition of NeuroQuantology reviews and expands upon the current theories of consciousness that arise from this meeting of neuroscience and quantum physics. Dr. Dirk K.F. Meijer, a professor at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, hypothesizes that consciousness resides in a field surrounding the brain. This field is in another dimension. It shares information with the brain through quantum entanglement, among other methods. And it has certain similarities with a black hole. This field may be able to pick up information from the Earth?s magnetic field, dark energy, and other sources. It then ?transmits wave information into the brain tissue, that is instrumental in high-speed conscious and subconscious information processing,? Dirk wrote. In other words, the ?mind? is a field that exists around the brain; it picks up information from outside the brain and communicates it to the brain in an extremely fast process. He described this field alternately as ?a holographic structured field,? a ?receptive mental workspace,? a ?meta-cognitive domain,? and the ?global memory space of the individual.? Page 51- Dec, 2017