The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine December, 2017 - Page 49

At first, you may think that your body has little or nothing to do with the practice or performance of the Law of Attraction. And where does your energy reside? In your body, of course! All the cells, organs, synapses rely on energetic connections to perform the functions we need to live and grow in health. Within your body is the solution to creating the life you want as soon as you can harness all that energy and focus it in a positive direction. Begin wit h your personal Body Knowl edge t o experience Body Conf idence in a pract ical and sust ainabl e process. Your personal body knowledge depends on pure positive energy from you and your body to get what you want. The relationship you establish with your body determines the expression of all energy emitting into the universe. The results from your practicing the Law of Attraction depends on the quality of the energy you are sending into the universe. How can you expect results from a practice that t ot al l y relies on the positive energy you emit for it to work, when you ignore your body as the origin of all your energy? Yes, we often take our bodies for granted when all parts are functioning normally. She gets us up in the morning, provides the energy to get us to work and play, and allows us to do the ?heavy lifting? physically, mentally and emotionally in our daily lives. And when we notice we?re tired from the daytime activities, she puts us to bed at night. Let?s not overlook; she provides us the focus to practice the tools and techniques of Law of Attraction for the process to benefit us. Our bodies provide us the commitment to our intentions. If we communicate with her effectively, we understand the patience it takes to achieve those intentions. In many ways, it is our bodies who determine the success of those go