The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine December, 2017 - Page 48

At t r act i on +Body Kn ow l edge = Body Con f i den ce That algebra equation is years behind all of us, but the validity of its results continues to be true today! As a Body Confidence Coach combining the principles of ?Attraction? with the practice of my expertise with ?Body Knowledge? the result has yielded Body Confidence, with a capital ?C?! For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Law of Attraction, and how I apply it in my Body Knowledge/ Body Confidence coaching practice, I have clarified these 2 methodologies below. The Law of Attraction is based upon contrasting your negative thinking into the energy of posit ive t hinking. My expertise with Body Knowledge takes that one giant step farther wit h a pract ical way of incl uding your body in t his process. 1) Identify what we want to attract into our lives: Body Confidence. 2) Identify what we don?t want in our lives: Body Shame. 3) Apply positive energy, as found in my experience with your Body Knowledge to achieve Body Confidence. Knowing your personal body knowledge enters the equation with intentional focused ACTION to achieve your goal with Practical components to help you feel that body confidence can be easily accessible all the time on your own terms. In fact, to fully use the power available in the Law of Attraction, the first step is to communicate with your body to determine the intentions you bot h want to achieve. After all, she is your BFF, and she knows what?s best for both of you! By Coach St eph an i e Wood, PCC Once you agree that body confidence is a missing part in your life, and is therefore a reasonable and achievable intention; shame around your body dissolves immediately. Ent er your personal Body Knowl edge and Inst ant Body Conf idence! Page 48 - Dec., 2017