The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine December, 2017 - Page 47

state. Recognize every sensation you experience as your physical body falls asleep, as this will help you remain conscious. As you fall deeper into a dream-like state, you may experience some buzzing and heaviness. Use this to help yourself stay conscious and visualize yourself floating above your body. Continue to visualize this until you hopefully reach the point of OBE. Wake Back t o Bed Met hod Though not very enjoyable for those of us who enjoy sleeping, the ?wake back? method is very popular to induce astral projection as well as lucid dreaming. Set your alarm for a few hours before you usually wake up, but don?t get up when it goes off, simply shut it off and lay back down once your mind is awake. Ideally, you want to keep your alarm close by so you barely need to move your body to shut it off. This way, your body will be close to falling back asleep but your mind will be awake. Now, start to envision yourself astral projecting in the same way, while also allowing your body to go to sleep. Try to remain conscious but allow your body to get heavier and deeper into a sleep-state. Continuously focus on floating above your body until you?re astral projecting. My Experience Wit h Ast ral Project ion To be honest, I wasn?t really sure if I believed in astral projection until I actually experienced it myself. I had had tons of lucid dreams before, but still the thought of projecting my soul out of my body and consciously hovering over it didn?t seem realistic to me. That is, until it happened one night last summer. I was sleeping with a friend and, despite having slept there multiple times before, I was having a lot of trouble falling asleep. My mind was racing for a period of time but it randomly shut off, and then I kept hearing this buzzing sound that didn?t really sound like any vibration or frequency I?d heard from his house before. I remember closing my eyes and immediately when I opened them, I was shocked. I was still staring at the ceiling, but instead of being 10 feet away, I was only a few inches in proximity. I immediately recognized that I couldn?t be lying down anymore and remember thinking to myself, ?When did I stand up?? To my dismay, when I looked down, I saw us sleeping. I then looked out the window and had somewhat of an internal battle on whether or not I should leave the bedroom. Though I wasn?t using any words or thinking, I intuitively knew that I was struggling to decide whether I should explore the night sky or stay in t he comfort of the bedroom near my physical body. I remained looking out the window for a long time until I finally woke up, shocked that I had actually astral projected. Though many of you reading this may feel as though I was simply having another dream, I know I wasn?t. I was confident that my soul had left my body, especially because everything in the bedroom was so clear, and I had a strong sense of Self throughout the entire dream. I?ve also had numerous ?extremely realistic? dreams, so realistic that when I wake up, I?m shocked it was a dream, but this was very different. It was as if I had finally broken free from my shell, and though it was invigorating, empowering, and somewhat comforting, it was also slightly terrifying. It?s experiences like these that make us seriously question our individuality, our uniqueness, and our personalities that form our identities on this planet. We are not our physical bodies; I am not Kalee, and that can be a scary reality to face (especially when you?re literally staring yourself in the face, soul to physical body). However, although astral projection can shatter your identity, you don?t have to abandon it. Yes, underneath it all, you are not your physical body, nor are you your experiences and accomplishments. However, that doesn?t mean you have to give it all up! We are on this planet to experience and to feel. Though we are not our emotions at our cores, that doesn?t mean we shouldn?t have them. If it?s on this planet, its existence serves a purpose. This is the heart of detachment ? knowing your ?attachments? (or what many consider attachments, like emotions and people) don?t define you, because eventually, after ?death,? you will no longer have them. Kaylee Brown works full time as a writer & in social media at Collective Evolution. Her education background is in business, economics, accounting & environmental studies. She is extremely passionate about environmental sustainability, yoga, health, veganism, and animal rights. Please feel free to reach out to Kalee by email at or on linkedin Page 47 - Dec., 2017