The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine December, 2017 - Page 41

Absolut e Peace - Beyond t he Thr eshold of Humanit y Through New-dimensional Thought Technology allows you to demystify the traps you have fallen into, and with its application you can free yourself from any problems you are facing. This means we are now able to transcend the third-dimensional human program and live freely in the 5th dimension. Each and every one of us is able to experience inner balance and peace. The world will achieve the absolute peace that we have long pursued, and a new civilization will emerge beyond the threshold of humanity one person at a time. What is important to remember is that everything is about the relationship with ?yourself.? You can never blame other people or outer environments, as everything is your own universe and you are responsible for everything you see. But once you can achieve inner balance, you can do anything with the external environment and change it in anyway you want. ?You create your own universe? ? many spiritual gurus have said that, and now you understand what that means. Changing the world by ending conflicts in each and every person is not a far-fetched idea. Perhaps you can think of it this way...You don?t need to fight anymore. No more army uniforms or medal of honor decorations. You may have different situations, but within each of you is the power to change the world. We can start opening a crack in a world at deadlock. For the sake of our children and those yet to be born, let us transform this civilization into a brand new peaceful civilization in a world of joy and love and prosperity. Now you know what to do first ? achieve inner peace and happiness. You will surely change the world. About Rossco, Author Rossco is the Founder and President of the Miross Institute and the Creator of Miross, a revolutionary new thought system developed through 30 years of research. Together with his wife Midori, he is dedicated to introducing Miross to the world as the ultimate measure of conscious evolution with the capacity to eliminate all problems and create a society of absolute peace. He and his wife live in Kobe, Japan. For further information, please visit: http:/ / and http:/ / Page 41 - Dec, 2017