The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine December, 2017 - Page 40

In other words, when we face the reasons for our discourse with others, we discover that the original issue is within us, not the one that aggravates us. Success Examples: I have seen countless numbers of people be transformed as they learn under this concept. Their complete transformation makes their past seem like illusions. People constantly have experiences that surpass the conventional human framework, including the transformation of any and all human relationships between couples, parents and children, and family members. Furthermore, experiences of instantaneous and total recovery from illness, financial turnaround, and miracles that transcend time and space now occur in their daily lives as a matter of course. Ms. Nami Shinada, mother of four and seminar instructor, Tokyo, Japan was physically abused by her father when she was young and sexually exploited by her teacher while in high school. She was raped a few times in her adult life. Nami suffered from an eating disorder, drug addiction, and depression for many years and tried to commit suicide several times. She also suffered from domestic violence at the hand of her husband, who was for a time a drug addict as well, and she ran away from him several times to protect herself and children. She and her husband were married and divorced twice. Her children also experienced bullying in school. Her addiction became so severe that she was practically locked in the most infamous rehabilitation facility in Japan for a few years as her family lived under welfare and experienced poverty for many years. After learning that her own polarity was responsible for her perception and her beliefs, she changed drastically as if she was truly reborn. She remarried the same man for the third time (!!) and is now very happily married. The couple are now living with their wonderful children, as they are completely free from the addictions they had suffered. They now live like millionaires, having been able to practice Miross together. Ms. Michiyo Sunahara, Therapist , Toyama, Japan, lived a life full of unimaginable curses. She was severely abused by her mother, sometimes to the extent that the tennis racket her mother used to punish her was broken. Her mother suffered from depression and later committed suicide. Her sister had cerebral palsy and died young. She was constantly bullied throughout her school years and called the ugliest girl in school. Her uncle was an alcoholic and her grandmother was considered "crazy," though she never knew the details. Michiyo married and divorced twice. In both marriages, she suffered from severe domestic violence with both of her husbands who were schizophrenic, which she only discovered after marriage. Before her marriages she was engaged to another man, who called off the wedding just before it was to take place, after finding out about her back ground. He thought her family was cursed. She was swindled by people close to her, losing around $200,000. She lost three of her best friends to cancer and she herself developed a cystic tumor of the ovary twice, for which she underwent two surgeries. As you can see, her life was full of chaos on all fronts, including money, health, and relationships. But after encountering Miross, she was transformed into, in her own words, the happiest woman. She is now 49 years old but, having once been called the ?ugliest girl in school,? she has become so attractive and rejuvenated that, she says, she is constantly approached by young men. She now does what she likes, and through her hobbies she earns so much more than expected that she doesn?t need to work. One of her interests is dancing, and she is becoming quite famous now in the field. She feels that she is not only being reborn but also able to eradicate all the curses that plagued her family. We have tens of thousands of success testimonials that show how people have been able to escape the world of illusion, but I have just a few of them here. Page 40 - Dec, 2017