The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine December, 2017 - Page 4

Ar e You Th i n k i n g Abou t Yet ? By the Editor-In-Chief, Jewels Johnson It's December and we are now getting ready for 2018. No doubt about's going to be a great year! So what steps should we be taking to set our intentions for an incredible year? First thing first, (1) script out your intentions because the act of writing turns on all those neuron pathways that open the eyes when your desired opportunities pop into your life. (2) Write the script as if you are in the process of securing the goal. If you affirm that I am wealthy.... The Universe assumes that you are already wealthy. But If you say, "I am in the creative process of making 2018 an incredibly prosperous year for my business," well then the Universe can deliver you the opportunities to realize your intention. If you are looking for your soul mate, then you would script out that the Universe is placing that perfect love in your life through a chance meeting in 2018. Then make sure you take the action steps to go out and do things so that the Universe can deliver that soul mate to you. If you are looking for great health and well-being, then as you script it out that the Universe is in process of bringing you high energy and perfect health. Make sure that you FEEL the energy as you write it out, if only for that second. After writing our your list of your intentions, then put them in a safe place and don't look at it again until 2019. In other words, let it go, surrender with a smile, knowing everything is going to work out to your benefit. Let go, but keep your eyes open, recognizing the opportunities that are placed in your path. In our December Issue, we have some really terrific articles starting with Featured Cover - Rossco - who has lived a fascinating life. Rossco created a program that "we are what we reflect out." In other words, when we get angry or feel victimized, it is actually our own projection on to the other person that triggers our own negative emotions. I know you will enjoy reading this and will learn a great deal with it. We also have a brilliant article on consciousness by Tara MacIssac. It shows that science is now contemplating that consciousness resides in a field outside of the brain. This theory gives validity to Collective Consciousness and it answers many long time questions. Of course, many of us already knew this to be true, intuitively. It is so wonderful that Science is catching up! Another amazing article is about how to experience Astral Traveling (OBE) by Kaylee Brown. Now you have several ways to experience this as did Kaylee. It is part of the spiritual evolution that we are experiencing today to realize that we are more than our bodies... there is something way beyond what we can remember. 2018 is going to be a fabulous year because there is a big shift and an awakening occurring across the world. Its exciting to be alive and to witness history in the making. Always remember that the challenges bring great clarity. Also remember that the Universe has your back and you are a magnificent creator. With Love to our readers and a Very Happy Holiday Season - Jewels