The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine December, 2017 - Page 37

New-Dimensional Thought Technology Editor's Note: I want to introduce Rossco who lives in the 5th Dimensional Reality but is still in with us in this 3rd dimensional world and who is considered to be Japan?s Spiritual Phenomenon. Rossco is Founder and President of Miross Institute and the creator of Miross which is a revolutionary new thought system developed through 30 years of research and 16 years of testing and experiments. Rossco was expected to live only until he was about 6 years old because of extreme illness during his childhood. Some of the symptoms were that when he laid down, he simply stopped breathing. Death for little Rossco was always near. Because of this, Rossco would hovered between sleep and awareness where he could not differentiate the real world from the world he viewed in his dreams. Early on, he had an out of body experience where he looked down at his body from up above, and eventually, it became a daily occurrence. Fortunately for us, his out of body experiences lead him to see life beyond the 3D world. He explains it as ?I felt like I was right in the middle of human history, flowing from the past to the future, in which historical events flashed in front of my eyes. At the same time, there was another tide, magnificent and mysterious, surging from the opposite direction. It seemed like the past and future were rushing toward me from opposite sides, and they crashed into me, forming this incredible energy. At that precise moment, a miracle occurred. The symptoms that had tormented me completely disappeared.? Rossco did not understand what he had experienced or what it meant at that time because of his very young age, but he intuitively felt convinced that there are certain mechanisms for human suffering and by knowing them, humanity could be transformed. It became his mission to understand the intuitive message of ?Human suffering will end, and humanity will be transformed.? After many years, all this information led to the formation of the Miross Thought System. I think you will find this all very fascinating. Jewels Johnson, Editor-in-Chief -The Key t o Absolut e Peace - Absolute peace on earth can only be achieved by ending the inner conflicts in each of us. We often hear the terms ?world peace? or ?sustainable peace? when discussing issues related peace; however, we rarely hear the words ?absolute peace.? Now, December is already here, and as we reflect upon this year, it seems that so many unbelievable events have happened throughout the world. Division and antagonism have become more conspicuous. We have witnessed increasing conflicts based on ethnicity, race, and religion, and these conflicts seem to be becoming more and more violent. We have also seen escalating conflicts and discord between countries and between human society, pervaded by increasing ego and decadence. However, conflict has always been part of human history, and no matter how much we have sought peace, we have never been able to end conflict. We now find ourselves at the point of wondering what will happen to our civilization. Humanity has sought peace through means such as science, religion, spiritual teachings, and philosophy. Interestingly, we continue to suffer from these countless, never-ending problems. Why does humankind continue to fight one another and engage in war? Why do we see increasing division and antagonism instead of ?union?? Why isn't peace possible? Who is it that we are actually trying to fight? Who am I? Civilization is reaching a deadlock and appears to be on the point of dissolution. Humanity stands at a crossroads. The time has come for us to truly awaken and realize that we cannot end human suffering or bring about true peace with existing, conventional approaches, no matter how much we try. I think you?ll agree that the world would have changed a long time ago if we in fact, had had the answer. I believe that we will be able to live in a world that will not allow the ego to control society, economy to prosper through war and disease, people to engage in wars or resign to destructive forces and humanity to cycle endlessly through war and peace, if we understand "New Dimensional Thought." Many of you are already aware of the fact that we no longer are able to solve problems at the fundamental level in the extension of third-dimensional solutions. While many so-called wise men, saints, and scientists may have duly indicated this to be true, unfortunately we are still waiting for the answers on how to obtain it, and how to truly Page 37- Dec, 2017