The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine December, 2017 - Page 28

Moving from Head to Hear t Towards a New Consciousness By Br ian Heater My friends, humanity is finally reaching a new age and we have a new mission. We are awakening during this most exciting time. It is time of transition and of immense conscious shifting. I like to think of it as a delicate shift from our head to our heart. This change will also challenge us in many ways. It is essential that we acknowledge that this will be part of the journey. Accepting change and letting go are all part of our shift to a heart centered way of life. It is an ongoing journey that will slowly transform us. We have focused on the head for several generations and we have made immense advancements in technology and our standard of living. This can be seen as both positive and negative as part of our growth. We need to accept this. We have been given many blessings. Our new era now shifts towards the heart. The heart is our center. It is where the physical meets the spiritual, the center of our chakras and our energy centers. All of the great teachers have told us to focus on the heart, on the great power of love to transform and find the truth. This is our goal and focus at this time. Yet this does not happen overnight. We need to take small steps to bring this consciousness into our daily lives. Being heart centered focuses on love, which is the highest frequency. This is the ult imate energy and force that connects us all. This is the energy that binds the universe. Yes, we still need to use the head in our decision making. Logic, organization and analytical ability are essential tools in life. and we shall continue to utilize these. What I am emphasizing here is a shift or return to love, which is centered in your spiritual or energy heart. When we begin to shift from head to heart we see things in a different light. When we are balanced and in harmony with our heart we will make decisions and treat others in a positive way. This in turn transforms our world. I have often told my children, Page 28 - Dec, 2017