The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine December, 2017 - Page 27

Libra ( 23 Sept ember ? 22 Oct ober) - It?s time to start fresh with regards to how you go about satisfying your needs for security and comfort, as well as to take charge of your life by taking the necessary steps to make yourself feel good and secure. A healthy perspective on your life helps to keep everyday stresses from getting to you too much. Your vision is all the more realistic now. You work steadily and determinedly towards your goals. Any partnership conflicts that have been brewing are magnified in January, however. The key to resolving this potential tug-of-war is to find common ground and to renew the element of friendship and equality in your relationship.Favorabl e Dat es : Dec 4, 8, 13, 14, 20, 22 Jan 2, 6, 11, 15, 20, 24 Favorabl e Col ors : Red & Yel l ow Scorpio ( 23 Oct ober ? 21 November ) -This is truly a period of self-discovery.You will be one step closer to knowing where you are headed, and you will have re-built faith in yourself. Ideally, you adopt a more mature attitude towards adventure and facing the unknown. You let go of self-defeating attitudes that have been holding you back, you recognize exactly where you have been overdoing your expectations, and you find new ways to nurture faith, hope, and vision. You have special magnetic appeal, extra energy, and a real yen for excitement after 23rd December. A stellar romantic opportunity occurs in January leading to commitment of next level for unmarried Scorpions.Favorabl e Dat es : Dec 4, 8, 13, 14, 20, 22 Jan 2, 6, 11, 15, 20, 24 Favorabl e Col ors : Red & Yel l ow Sagit t arius ( 22 November - 21 December ) - Romance, play time, and creativity continue to take center stage in the first few weeks of December. Still, there will be times when you feel bogged down by learning, projects, paperwork, and errands. However, you do find time for indulging in hobbies and other pleasurable activities. You may make little changes to your personal appearance or to your mannerisms that reflect the changes going on inside. A desire to live in a more free-spirited manner is with you in this period. Your life is livelier than usual, but not hectic, and this allows you to enjoy yourself. An intimate conversation with someone special can be very revealing mid-month of January.Favorabl e Dat es : Dec 4, 8, 13, 14, 20, 22 Jan 2, 6, 11, 15, 20, 24 Favorabl e Col ors : Red & Yel l ow Capricorn ( 22 December ? 19 January) - This cycle encourages you to explore your creative and romantic side more heartily. You might begin or enhance a romantic relationship, enjoy a new artistic focus or renew interest in a hobby or creative activity. New opportunities or channels for expressing and enjoying yourself can open up to you, and children can be a big focus for some.Getting in touch with your needs for comfort and security is important, as the positive effects in so doing will find their way back into your intimate life.You may find comfort in sharing your experiences with others and healing within a group environment.Favorabl e Dat es : Dec 2, 8, 11, 17, 20, 26 Jan 4, 7, 13, 16, 22, 25 Favorabl e Col ors : Green & Whit e Aquarius ( 20 January ? 18 February ) -This is a time for reinventing yourself in some meaningful way, or for a personal new beginning.This can be a time for awakening to a new perspective, but it may take some mind-racing to get there. While events or realizations occurring now can be a tad disruptive, they can also motivate you to make exciting changes. Relationships can be unsettled temporarily, but interactions can lead to breakthrough thinking.It is a fabulous time to get your nest in order and functioning smoothly.Get in touch with what feels most comfortable for you, and the intimacy level in your relationship will step up a notch.Favorabl e Dat es : Dec 2, 9, 11, 18, 20, 27 Jan 2, 8, 11, 17, 20, 26 Favorabl e Col ors : Bl ue & Green - Pisces ( 19 February ? 20 March ) This period gives you a boost of energy for tying up loose ends, closing up projects, dealing with private matters, taking better care of your emotional health. Events and realizations occurring now remind you to slow down and get time for rest and reflection. You?re in an excellent position to process recent events and find ways to put dysfunctional matters behind you.New opportunities to express yourself, particularly through speaking and writing, can suddenly enter your life. You may be communicating more about your past or finding people to relate with more readily.You might need to guard against becoming too full of yourself however.Favorabl e Dat es: Dec 5, 6, 14, 15, 23, 24 Jan 3, 5, 12, 14, 21, 25 Favorabl e Col ors : Red & Grey Page 27 - Dec., 2017