The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine December, 2017 - Page 22

The Awakened Self By Renee Bar ibeau, The Pr act ical Shaman Art Credit: Amy Grigoriou ?It just t akes one moment of new percept ion t o change a l if e.? ? Marion Woodman Awakening is a natural process, and wind is the sacred mediator. The transition from sleep to wakefulness happens every morning. Before you wake up, your breath deepens. Then you become conscious and open your eyes. Awakening in a spiritual sense is a similar consciousness-raising activity. Invisible forces unite and animate all matter. As we observe our breathing? the core experience we may have of our own life force? we enhance our ability to perceive the movement of the energy inside and around us. Over time, our deepening awareness makes us more capable of navigating the changing conditions in our lives peacefully and successfully. We begin to know ourselves as parts of the whole of nature. Many people spend years seeking a path toward wholeness. Becoming present with the winds blowing through our lives is a path that can help us heal body and mind, restore balance when it is lost, and guide our creativity. H \H\H^H^\Y[HH[Yˈ[\H[[K][ ]ܘ[HZ\[[\[][[\XY[[]K\YHܘB[YH[H܈H][ˈ[Z\HH[[XH]X\[\[YH HXˋ M