The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine December, 2017 - Page 11

You create a life in one of two distinct ways: either by intention or by default. Take an assessment of your life for a moment. Look around at what you have, and what is going on in your life...from the house you live in, to the car you drive, to the work you do for a living, to the relationships that you?re involved in. Don?t forget your current state of health or your bank account. Really look at them and determine if you are an active participant in bringing any of them into what you call reality, or they just kind of happened. To be objective, you must take ownership. It?s certainly easy to say, ?I worked for that,? but often, when bad stuff happens, we don?t like to blame ourselves for bringing it into our lives. It?s so much easier to blame outside circumstances or people, isn?t it? Here is the honest truth that we need to be reminded of often: we attract everything, either consciously or unconsciously. Now stop and ask yourself how many times you thought, ?why would I want something bad to happen?? Consciously it doesn?t make sense that we would purposely bring something bad into our world. In fact, it?s been my experience that while helping people overcome adversities I had to tip-toe into this area for fear that someone would get downright upset at my suggestion that they brought it on themselves! Victim mentality has been the downfall of many and the reason why people get stuck in their misery. Surprisingly, many learn that there are other laws you are experience than just the Law of Attraction. As I explain in detail in my book,Genesis 101, The Metaphysical Cosmology in the Process of Creation, the whole idea of transformation and co-creation depends on harmonizing with many Universal Laws that dovetail one another to produce a particular result. Looking back to the definition of the Law of Attraction, I left something out intentionally, to introduce this law. Maybe you caught it. Whatever we place our dominant thoughts on with enthusiasm and belief, we attract into our lives. Enter the Universal Law of Belief. The Law of Bel ief states that what we believe (with feeling, commitment and intention) will become our living reality. It also a universal law which can either help you achieve success or keep you from achieving it - depending upon whether you live in accordance with the law. You see, the simple fact is that if there is something you want to attract into your life and it is even slightly inconsistent with your belief system, you are going to slow down the energy force that brings it to you or you may neutralize it entirely. With these universal laws you can focus on something you desire so much but if there is a deeply rooted feeling that you don?t deserve it, well guess what?I f you don?t think you?re good enough, neither does the Universe! Or if you think it violates some religious belief about money or material wealth, then so does the Universal energy! Remember this important point. Your thoughts are determined largely by the quality of your beliefs, which in turn form your perceptions. So, if you?ve come to a point in your life where you?re determined to make changes in your life for the better and you?ve been led to study and practice the Law of Attraction, just know that the law that reflects your mindset. It?s like a magnet in a sense and things are metal filings. It doesn?t care what you want or where you point it. It starts to attract, first in the ethereal field, then eventually in the physical field. Good or positive thoughts equals good results. Bad or negative thoughts equal not so good results. Be mindful of your thoughts and when thinking about what you want to bring to you, be one with it right down to the core. Page 11- Dec., 2017