The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine December, 2016 - Page 8

about: combining the power within your body to the purpose within your mind. That alignment makes all things possible! So how do you achieve that alignment? Do-It -Yoursel f can work, if you work it . Here are three suggestions to apply when you seek a Better Body image, body confidence or want to feel positive about your body: 1. Meditate: to open your mind to your body?s awesome inspiration. 2. Move, move, move: to allow your body to share her joy with your mind. 3. Manifest your body?s knowledge with help from a body knowledge expert. If Doing-It-Yourself fails to provide enough positive energy to attract the positive energy you seek, it?s not a disgrace to seek help---from someone who knows how to get you from where you are, to where you want to be. Reach out to a mentor to guide you back to your core, your body. Together you will overcome any resistance to achieving your goals. It?s time to short circuit the downside as you realize the upside with a little help from your friends, including your BFF, your body? allow your body to befriend you, so the two of you will achieve the body confidence you both deserve. Where and How to start? Contact: Coach Stephanie Wood. Coach St ephanie Wood, ICF Cert if ied Coach, PCC is a Body & Business Coach for Entrepreneurial Men and Women, Author of ?Body Knowledge System® , an Awesome Intelligence.?. Her play book helps you to stop the struggle with your body, to walk with confidence to share your unique talents with the world. Allow me to help you with your body issues. Contact me: 1-866-76-COACH or CoachSt ephanieWood@gmail .com. visit: C oach Stephanie Wood Page 8 - December, 2016