The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine December, 2016 - Page 7

success. To get to body positive from body shaming, body negative, requires the release of your resistance to get what you want for yourself. Once we decide on a direction, what prevents us from taking the first step? Fear. FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real Our fear is based on our past experience, yet it is from the future, which has not happened yet? although intellectually it makes no sense to be afraid of things that have not happened yet, emotionally, mentally our imagination makes our fears into a reality (at least in our minds) and if you follow the downside of LOA, then you will ?attract? the events as you are imagining them? horrible as they are! Fear manifests itself as resistance: the ?yes, but? response when we are asked for a commitment to our goal. The excuses are all familiar: - Not Not Not Not Not enough money enough time enough energy enough motivation enough desire It all boils down to the resistance we all feel around change? positive, negative; it matters not, whenever challenged to leave our comfort zone our initial reaction is NO! As unhappy as we think we are (or we feel we are) with where we are now, even the promise of a better outcome is not enough to raise our vibration, or energy level, to MOVE toward the solution. How to overcome the power of inertia? Commitment to make a change. Notice, I didn?t say Change! Nor did I say Make a Change! I said, ?commitment.? Commitment is the most personal word in that phrase, because it means an agreement between you and yourself. Stating a commitment to another person may work, if you?re a child and other-directed, but you?re an adult and the only person you answer to is yourself. So, let?s begin there: commit yourself to yourself. Then ask fo r help from a coach to guide you with their expertise to keep your commitment to yourself. Mind Set vs. Body Set In order to get what you want for yourself, regardless of the method you use, to be successful requires alignment between your body?s (your heart?s desire) intention and your mind?s intentions. For the LAW of Attraction to work, to be effective, this is not just a preference, it?s a requirement. When the law of attraction is not working for you, it?s because of an unconscious resistance you are unaware of, but its presence lowers your vibration. As Joe Vit al e said in a prior issue of t he Law of Attraction Magazine (page 9, October, 2016) when ?counter-intentions present within you, that is thoughts and beliefs that run contrary to your conscious wishes?, they prevent you from reaching the results you want. So when your mind says? yes?, your body says? yes?, but your mouth says ?no?, that resistance is stressful. And stress always puts brakes on the positive energy, high vibration the LOA requires to work in your best interest. The solution is to align your inner guidance system (your body) with your outer response system (your mind attached to your mouth). That ?s what t he Body Knowl edge Syst emĀ® is all Page 7 - December, 2016