The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine December, 2016 - Page 51

coffee mug) would not have been worth the momentary relief. When my wife emailed me that day to ask how my day was going, I said ?I?m in a sh&^% y mood.? So much for eloquence. I didn?t feel better at any time that day. Finally, at a little after 8PM, I took a selfie of myself on the train home, and posted the following on my Facebook page: I have been super stressed out and had a hair trigger temper all day. Anything and everything was setting me off. Feel like heart pounding through my chest even now on the train (see pic). Is this part of ascending? Or am I just in a bad, low vibrational ?it happens to us all? place today? I got a lot of wise and caring advice from very wise and caring souls. Some people advised me that I should just experience it and give myself a break. Others told me that this was definitely part of my ascension process. But some of the advice that I received gave me the equivalent of the hand-smack-to-the-forehead, ?I should have thought of that?, ?I coulda had a V-8? type moment (apologies to the creators of that ad campaign). In other words, simple recognition of what should have been obvious. I?ll give you a hint: I?m about to cohost ?Calling All Angels Radio Show? on the Law of Attraction Radio Network. Yet did I think to call on angelic assistance? In the words of Steve Martin (or professional Play Dough victim Mr. Bill from Saturday Night Live), ?NOOOOOO!? I was too lost in the stress and strain to take the time to take a breath and to call on help that was available for the asking. I could have taken a few minutes to call on my namesake, Archangel Michael, and asked to clear my energy. To cut ethereal cords from those who were draining me with excessive neediness. To give me courage when I was lacking it. Strength. Energy. Or to reach out to my Guardian Angel and seek calm and loving guidance. Peace. Security. I had so many options available. All variants of the same theme ? asking for help when I needed it. But, like so many people who can give sound advice to others, when I got so wrapped up in the events of that day, I could not see the solution. In other words, as Yeshua (Jesus) says in the New Testament, ?Physician, heal thyself.? So that is what I did. I asked both Archangel Michael and my Guardian Angel to protect me, and for Archangel Michael to cut the ethereal cords of my energy vampires. And that, somehow, my day of fury would transmute more rapidly to a time of joy and peace. As I did, I felt calmer and more at peace with the world. I felt protected and loved. Does that mean that everything just became hunky dory? No. I had to work at what I focused on, because the Law of Page 51 - December, 2016