The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine December, 2016 - Page 5

Jew els Johnson, Editor -in-Chief Ar e You Ready f or NEW BEGI NNI NGS? W inding Dow n Fr om 2016 to M ove Into 2017 2016 w as our 9 year of com pletion. Did you feel: Ser vice * Oppor tunity * Expansion * Divine Fr ee W ill * Inspir ation * For giveness * LOVE * Gr atefulness? Per haps you also felt that you w er e m oving fr om fear to love as w e talked less about "I" and m or e about "W E." But on the other side of the coin, per haps you felt som e of the icky feeling m om ents such as: Pow er lessness * Helplessness * Com pr om ise * Judgm ent * Anger * Sadness * Tear s. Am azingly, w e all had to exper ience the gam ut of em otions in or der to r elease the 9 year of com pletion as w ell as to unconsciously intend new exper iences into our next 9 year cycle. A gr eat thing to do after the 9 year is a bow l bur ning on New Year s Eve in w hich to identify all those r em aining em otions that you w ant to get r id of. Sym bolically, this r eally r egister s in the m ind to clear the stuck feelings that w er e ver y painful so you can m ove for w ar d in ease. A new 9 year cycle begins fr om 2017 to 2025 in w hich to cr eate and m anifest your dr eam s. START NOW. DON'T WAIT. All dur ing the m onth of Decem ber , star t your scr ipt w r iting ever y m or ning about the upcom ing year and even the next 8 year s. Wr ite out the vacation tr ips you w ould like to exper ience, possible car eer accolades and per haps even a new position or new com pany. Feel your self in a new car dr iving the dow n r oad w ith a gr eat big sm ile on your face. Use your excellent visualization skills to im agine your bank account having m or e funds than you pr eviously thought possible. If you ar e single, per haps scr ipt out a w onder ful soul m ate com ing into your life. Now that you scr ipted it all out, r e-r ead it. Star t feeling as if it has alr eady happened. By golly, star t jum ping up and dow n, laughing and in absolute am azem ent that you m anifested your new r eality. The m or e excited and happy you get, the louder the Univer se hear s it. Then do the m ost im por tant thing of all. Det ach . Don't contr ol the details and the how to... Just let go by saying to your self that the Univer se has my back and w hatever happens, it w ill be the best for m e. Rem em ber the golfer w ho placed all his focused on the per fect golf sw ing? He alw ays m ade the ball go south instead of nor th. Take the focus off the sw ing and focus on w her e you w ant the ball to land, i.e, focus on the end r esults, not the m echanics and you w ill be so sur pr ised at how quickly you get ther e. One m or e thing... go for w ar d ever y day in 2017 w ith your eyes opened to see all the oppor tunities that the Univer se is putting out to you. Don't take ever y one of the oppor tunities, instead pick the ones that r eally feel gr eat to you. Then you ar e on your w ay to the m ost successful 9 year cycle of your life. Ar e your r eady? Have a gr eat Chr istm as, New Year s and a fabulous new 9 year cycle! Love to all, Jewels Page 5 - December, 2016