The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine December, 2016 - Page 21

The Dreaming of Consciousness. ?They stand together, hand in hand, the perfect symbol of the flowering of consciousness. This also represents the ability of consciousness, and humankind, to express their creativity symbolically, with focused awareness. They stand in the world, in the Garden of Eden, to express their creativity together, in co-operation. At the same time, they stand apart? independent and detached. ?The border consists of two interwoven lines, to represent the fact the world is mainly covered in water, that all physical matter is an expression of energy, and that the pattern for all life is coded in our DNA. Like consciousness, the symbol is cyclic. It has no beginning and no end.? ?This,?said Hans, holding the crystal up to the light to examine it more closely ?is a perfect symbol! A wonderful joint effort,?he added. At the end of their dream encounter, Aidan and Effie make a promise to each other to continue to work together. But in which reality will they meet and continue to explore the themes presented in their Great Theme Dream? To find out more and learn about your own unique dream symbols and the cyclic themes underlying your personal dream journey, read Dreams within Dreams. Consciously explore your interactions with life and the people around you with awareness and in a new way. Purchase Dreams Within Dreams on Amazon or Bal boa Press. About the Author Al l an Sankirt an is a semi-retired civil engineer who has spent the majority of his working life expressing his creativity to help build a better reality for everyone to share. His interest in dream interpretation, dream symbolism, myths and legends has been lifelong. Nearing the close of his professional life, Sankirtan was reminded in a dream that he needed to share the things he had learned with other people. He has now published three books as part of his Dreaming Series, the first of which is Dreams within Dreams. Other works are in various stages of preparation for publication. Find out more by visiting Sankirtan?s website: Page 21 - December, 2016