The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine December, 2016 - Page 20

which your consciousness is currently focused; a reality in which you can explore your individual dreams and desires, and exercise your loving creativity. ?? Your dreams are, if you like, the sacred connection between the you that you think you are (your ego self) and the whole self that is not, and never can be, fully focused in any one body, or in any single, physical reality. ?? the creative expression of your consciousness is cooperative and interactive with others. It must allow everyone free choice? and be relatively unlimited so to speak, for all possibilities have equal validity; and every aware being has a right to explore any possibility of their choice, in any reality that they choose. ?? Consciousness chooses loosely the overall themes it wishes to explore and experience for itself, in any so-called physical lifetime. It then chooses other people with whom it can interact cooperatively? before setting about to make arrangements that will suit its purposes? ?? When consciousness chooses to explore a central theme of beliefs in this way, it will often couch the challenge within a series of dream symbols. These symbols are a form of mental shorthand and are specially constructed to bleed through into your day-to-day reality? ? ?The symbols, and the themes presented in such dreams, tend to be cyclic in their expression, and are presented at both the beginning, and end, of each new cycle of exploration. ?The same symbols may also present themselves to the dreaming self at any time during the cycle, as a reminder of the challenges it set for itself. The passage of time involved, between the beginning and end of such cycles, may span a whole lifetime. Or it may be as short as a couple of years. ?Large cycles may be punctuated by smaller cycles, each of which may also have separate beginning and ending dreams ?To make the most of the symbols presented, to understand the meaning of your dreams, and to give your life more focus and awareness, you need to work consciously with your dream symbols over a long period of time? ? As t hey begin t o expl ore t he va [\\ۜ\[Y[KZY[[YYH\H][]\[^\\\\]O]H[H[\YH^\\HH]H[OY\^H\ۙY [\H\X[HYHXHقܞ\[^HY\ܙX]Y]\]\\H\Y[Hܚ]HH]ZX[[X\HوH\ܞBوHXK\\] ^H\YY]\\^H[Y[H\Xܞ\[][X\\HܞHوHXK\XK[ˈYK\H\H]H[K[X\[H]HXZ܈۝[[[H]H\X[[\ˈ^H[]Z\Y]ۈHX\ [Y] ^H۝[YH]HZ\XY[H[Y[\ܛقYH  HX[X\ M