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Al l an Sankirt an says in his introduction to Dreams within Dreams, that this is your story and mine. Written around a simple love story, it goes much deeper than that. This story transcends the barriers of time and space and asks the reader to explore consciously the reasons we choose to explore life in this physical reality. He cleverly shares his experiences and the things he has learned to give us a unique glimpse into his dream world and his beliefs about life. In this, Sankirtan?s first novel, Aidan and Effie meet in a dream landscape. Surrounded by the sights and sensations of their virtual paradise, they become disoriented and lost. They decide to seek assistance. A wise old man named Hans leads them through a variety of experiences that touch on the common themes being explored by humanity in this here and now. In the process, Aidan and Effie must confront their own inner demons. Having been escorted into another part of the Zen Garden? ?Aidan sat al one beside t he Zen Pool. He was seat ed on a perf ect l y dressed, pal e bl ue cryst al of t he purest gl ass-l ike subst ance. His f eet dangl ed in a shimmering pool t hat l ooked a l ot l ike mol t en cryst al ... ?Absent -mindedl y, Aidan began t o l et his t oes make circl es in t he st range f l uid? f al l ing int o ?a deep t rance? ? Aidan began t o t ease one of t he gol df ish in t he pool wit h a smal l bal l of gum on a l ine at t ached t o a st ick. What happened next woul d redef ine his l if e and change it s direct ion and f ocus f orever more. Wit hin moment s? ?? one of the fish snapped at the ball of gum. In an instant, the molten crystal of the pool erupted into a boiling, foaming torrent. The fish grew larger and larger, and with one writhing lunge, leaped from the pond and began to wrestle him. ?Totally overwhelmed by the monster he had unleashed from the pond, Aidan cried out vainly for help? But help was not to come. This was his struggle? He alone had to find the inner strength to help himself.? Af t er f inal l y overcoming t he monst er f rom t he pond, Hans present s Aidan wit h a new dream journal in which t he monst rous f ish dream is al ready writ t en out in det ail f or Aidan t o re-expl ore. ?? with a shout of glee, as if he had found a chest filled with ancient buried treasure, he exclaimed: ?Here it is, Aidan! The Fish Dream! Oh yes, I remember this now? a real classic? a Great Theme Dream if ever I saw one? ? Having read t hrough t he det ail s of t he dream Hans begins t o expl ain t he cycl ic nat ure of creat ive expression of consciousness and t he dream?s rel evance t o Aidan?s l if e journey. ??Hans? What did you mean? that The Fish Dream is a Great Theme Dream, if ever you saw one??Aidan asked. ?? Some people say that only the dream exists. That everything you see, and experience, is merely an illusion? a dream within a dream. But at the same time, it is a very real and tangible dream; a dream in Page 19 - December, 2016