The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine December, 2016 - Page 12

Whenever we cl aim t o have t he t rut h f or ot hers, we viol at e The Law of At t ract ion and f oremost , t he right s of individual s t o l ive t heir own l if e. This Bibl e is writ t en t o encourage l ove and t ol erance in an at mosphere of peace and respect . We do not have t o agree wit h each ot her or anyt hing. That is t he spirit of The Law of At t ract ion. the power of love, joy, peace, goodness, and prosperity. The Law of Attraction is the truth that sets you free! Embrace this law and allow IT to shape your views, whatever they are! The Law of Attraction allows for diversity in unity. In the contrast of life we can all find our place and allow others to do the same! This Bible is not written to be a text to prove that ?I am right and you are wrong.? That has been the problem with people who insist that ?The Holy Bible?is the ?Word of God?and is the final authority for spiritual matters and truth. Everyone interprets ?The Holy Bible?from their viewpoint and this has created a mixed bag of religion. Whenever we claim to have the truth for others, we violate The Law of Attraction and foremost, the rights of individuals to live their own life. This Bible is written to encourage love and tolerance in an atmosphere of peace and respect. We do not have to agree with each other or anything. That is the spirit of The Law of Attraction. This Bible is written to inspire and encourage you to live, love, laugh, and have fun! It is written to clarify the meaning and purpose of life and teach people how to achieve lifelong purpose and happiness. All of us are all unique expressions of Source Energy. We all have the power to co-create, expand, mature, and use our talents, gifts and abilities to benefit ourselves and mankind. This Bible is written to help you realize that you do not need to be fixed and that you do not need to fix others. When we mind our own business and stop trying to fix others or make them happy, we can focus upon what makes us happy! We can still read and study things that are being offered to us in this world, but we should not become gullible and rely on others to make us happy. You are a wonderful person on a wonderful journey of self-discovery. So have fun and enjoy the process! Trust your emotional guidance system and be at peace with all men. This Bible is not the final word and it certainly is not to be used as an indictment on religion. Page 12 - December, 2016