The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine December, 2015 - Page 9

By M ona Del f i no Weare certainly living in changing times! Everyone we speak to today seems to be experiencing internal shifts in their thinking, their feelings, and their personal lives. Most people are realizing that they are aware that their emotions are speaking to them differently now and they are reacting to that more now than ever. It feels like at times we aren't even in charge of our own emotions, however, (and here is an interesting part) we actually ARE in charge! We are in charge of our own feelings, thoughts, and emotions because we are currently going through a cycle in time that is increasing and expanding our personal recognition of the Subconscious mind. are potentially using more of that right now. That doesn't mean that we are intellectually smarter per say, however, it does mean that we are feeling more, understanding more, and coming from a sacred place deep within that continues to arise and wake up as time continues to unveil the true soul. We are becoming more expanded from within as time allows, and as much as WE allow. This is meant for us to carry a better com- Our subconscious mind can be looked at as the programs that run the computer, and what we posure, not buy into so many stressors, and to feel more resilient in times of change. The reason for this is factual and basically scientific in nature. see and witness on a daily basis is the monitor that only shows the one program. There are so many more in the subconscious that reveal themselves now through discomfort on different levels. The subconscious mind is opening up because we are ready to receive more input into our heart and into our brains. This is because the Universe is delivering a one-two punch for us to expand into a new reality. (At least life isn't boring, right?) The more we allow these changes to occur, the more we will understand them in the long run and continue to co-create a new world together. This is really good news actually, and we can be very appreciative that this is happening, no matter how strange it feels right now. Do you remember hearing that the human brain is only being used at 6% of its capacity? I am venturing to say that because we are in a period of time that I call, "the growing mind", that we We are hearing more comments from NASA telling us that Solar Flare activity has increased and many of the particles from these flares are Earth directed. Some flares are measured at M Class, and some are X Class. When these flares occur, we are affected through an increase of vibration in our nervous systems. Our physiology changes and our mind actually can't hold a thought the same way it used to. Do you notice that you can't remember what day it is?? Time seems off, and maybe things ARE speeding up? We can't even explain why we are feeling fed up, impatient, or just plain uncomfortable. We have had four blood red full moons in the last year and a half, which is part of a Native American prophecy that the "changes are here" and we won't ever go back to the way things were before. So in these changing times, we just need to know that all this is happening in order to introduce us to who we truly are inside. Buried feelings and deep patterns are emerging to allow us Page 9 -December , 2015