The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine December, 2015 - Page 7

focus on a specific Energy Code / Feeling. This will your real full name and a current picture to exponentially increase its power, triggering the with ?LOA Magasame resonance in everyone, making it easy to feel, zine Personal Energy Scan? as a header. imprint and remember it later on! If this is done in the right setting (it can be a re` - Please feel free to describe your personal situamote energy session, too, since the inner feelings tion and what you want to change. You?ll receive are multidimensional and can be accessed from your personal frequency scan and a roadmap everywhere), a facilitator can help the group over- how to proceed usually within one week. come blockages and get rid of lower vibrations. Additionally, what one person in such a group session is learning is automatically copied to everyone else. This means if you stumble upon such a block at a later time, you already have the solution programmed into your energy! Energy Al i gnment Sessi ons On my website you can find in-depth information about Alignment Sessions HERE where you will learn to feel and sustain the resonance of higher and higher frequencies, while removing lower vibrations and blocks on the way. In-Depth energy scans will help you identify these blocks and give you a good roadmap how to progress. Bonus An ever growing library of articles about Energy Codes (http:/ / knowledgecenter) adds the necessary knowledge on the inner workings of Energy, and a description of specific Energy Codes serves as a starting point for your own alignment / contemplation process! Your Per sonal I n-Dept h Scan For more than 20 years, Boris had a prosperous career as a software developer, doing coding at an international level. He was very successful but at some point he felt as if something was missing so he started to develop his skills in working with energy. Boris became known as the ?The Code Wizard?. 'Code' comes from his software developing work and his work with energetic Codes, while 'Wizard' comes from others saying that his work sometimes feels like magic energies, and even looks like this on an energetic level. Boris applies the principles of computer codes for working with holographic, fractal energy codes. His keen ability to resonate with any energy field, allows Boris to access morphogenetic fields and transfer their codes to his clients, aligning them for their higher good and the good of all. He learned how to activate and utilize energy fields to help others awaken to their life?s purpose and step into their true potential. He is guided to connect with the exact energies each client needs to reach their goals. Boris receives guidance and information that serves the highest evolution of the people whom he works with. His ultimate goal is to remind his clients that they have the very same abilities to transform their own lives by learning how to connect and align their energy fields to higher vibrational energies. http:/ / Get an Energy Scan f or f ree! Just send an Email with Page 7 -December , 2015