The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine December, 2015 - Page 6

- Trust - Patience - Acceptance - Gratitude - Happiness - Pure Love - Unconditional Love - Joy - Surrender (to God) - Grace - Cosmic Consciousness The Freedom t hat Comes wi t h I nner Al i gnment One of the benefits of learning to align to high vibrating energies is maybe not very obvious at first. We already said that it will change your life to be more and more vibrant? but something else happens which is maybe even more profound. Since you learn to invoke the feelings at your will, you become more and more proficient in feeling whatever way you want, whenever you want ? no matter what the outer situation is! Of course, there are situations when it is harder to feel gratitude or love than in others ? but we can still try! If a high frequency energy like ?unconditional love? isn?t working, because our neighbor is really a pain in the? again, we can at least try to align to neutrality. This doesn?t mean we have to agree to his behavior, we still can tell him what we think and explain our boundaries ? but from the standpoint of neutrality or a higher vibration it will have more power, and he will more likely agree with us than if we just yell at him in all our rage and anger. Page 6 - December, 2015 W hat To Do On a Pract i cal Level for t hi s Al i gnment Aligning means to gradually adjust to something, and to more and more internalize the pure feeling of it, while at the same time getting rid of non- matching energies. We need to embrace the innermost feeling of the vibration to finally get the essence. Here are some exercises to help you do t