The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine December, 2015 - Page 54

3 Resol ut ions For a Happier Year --by Christine Carter, syndicated from Greater Good, You want to lose weight. Get out of debt. Stop smoking. Eat more kale. Call your grandma more often. I do understand why people don?t like New Year?s resolutions: They can be a source of failure, year after year. Folks often pick resolutions that are inherently unrewarding, that necessitate relentless hard work, or that remind them of their mortality in a way that makes them feel small instead of grateful. a lot. The first and most important factor in keeping your resolutions is to make the right resolution. Make the wrong one and you won?t keep it; you?ll just add another habit to the ?fail? list. This year, pick just one resol ut ion t hat research shows wil l make you happier. Here are are three of my favorites: I know because I?ve made all of those mistakes. But now? I love New Year?s resolutions. I use them to transform myself in small increments, taking turtle steps toward new habits. I begin slowly around the winter solstice, and inch myself toward a newer, better self. By spring, my new habits have taken hold, and the green leaves of growth unfurl. Over the years I?ve learned a lot of tricks for successfully keeping my resolutions. And in the 1. Spend more t ime wit h f riends. Study after last three years, the science around willpower and study shows that we tend to be happier when we habits has made great advancements, which helps feel connected to our nearest and dearest, when Page 54 - December, 2015