The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine December, 2015 - Page 53

overcome shyness and gain confidence. Four fourth-grade students came up with the idea for the Buddy Bench in this workshop, and worked with Farrell to draft a letter to present to the Parent Teacher Staff Organization to make the bench a reality. The PTSO approved the students' pitch, and designated funds to install a bright metal bench with a cheerful sign that reads "Buddy Bench" on the school's playground. Amanda Hartle Since it was installed on Nov. 16, the bench has been effective. The simple concept has resonated with the students, and already has created a more inclusive environment within the school community. "Each day, I go to recess and see the buddy bench working," Farrell said. "The lessons they are learning now will benefit them their entire lives. It is simply a beautiful example of kids wanting to be kind and continue to be kind every day." Page 53 -December , 2015