The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine December, 2015 - Page 51

A Jor danian couple didn?t just invite fam ily and fr iends to celebr ate their w edding but hundr eds of r efugees too. Mutaz Mango and Basma Omar threw a wedding party for Syrian, Iraqi, and other refugees of different nationalities living in the Jordanian capital of Amman. The celebration was held in the King Ghazi Hotel, located in the city?s historic downtown area, where guests were treated to traditional Jordanian food and musical entertainment. Mr Mango has been helping displaced refugees in Jordan by volunteering for the Collateral Repair Project (CRP), a non-profit organisation assisting those who have been forced to flee their country because of armed conflict or persecution. ?The celebration gave urban refugees the opportunity to do something they have not done in a long time, if ever: celebrate and enjoy their new lives here in Amman,? explained the CRP. ?In addition to providing food, music, and entertainment for the refugee community, the couple partnered with CRP to hand out food vouchers, which they went on to deliver in person. These food vouchers were able to feed 36 families, or 96 children and 76 adults. ?Mr Mango realises that he and his wife are fortunate and that, if political situations were to change, his new family could end up in the same position.? The kind-hearted couple are also planning to donate all of their wedding gifts to urban refugees. Mango said he was ?overwhelmed? when he saw the amount of people at the ceremony, adding: ?Real human joy has no borders.? Page 51 -December , 2015